Kelly Moore Bag - Camera Bags Never Looked This Sexy!

I am SO excited to announce the official launch of The Kelly Moore Bag!

I met Kelly for the first time this last October on the Bend [Trip] and I am very happy to now call her a friend! This woman has got IT together. She is an amazing photographer, mother, teacher and friend - and now she can add designer to that list! I admire Kelly for taking matters into her own hands and creating a camera bag for photographers that is both stylish and totally functional!

I had the pleasure of previewing a bag and let me tell you - these bags are SOLID! I mean, your lenses aren't going anywhere in these beauties! They are also built for all of you rugged shooters that might get down on the ground and roll around. I know I am not the most graceful shooter, so when I felt how sturdy and padded the bad was for my equipment, I was totally sold! Not only that, but they are SOOOOOO stylish, no one would even know you had $12,000 worth of equipment floating around in there! :0) There are great color selections...AND the best part....she is coming out with a MENS line as well! That's right dudes, get ready to look hot while shooting...

Kelly has officially launched The Kelly Moore Bag website + blog today!! Make sure to check it out and pre-order your own!!! Trust me, they are totally worth it!

moore1.jpgmoore2.jpg moore3.jpg moore4.jpg

Congratulations to Kelly on the launch of her bag! I am SO proud of this girl for making her dreams come true - and sharing that with the world! How lucky are we?!?!?