Film: Pinhole Camera!

Before my last trip to Vancouver, the shutter on my film camera went out; therefore, I had all of this film to shoot and no camera to shoot it with! My good friends Ral and Danelle of RAD Studios took me to their local camera shop, Beau Photo, where they had a slew of film cameras to purchase! I was originally going to get a Holga camera, but I own 3 of them already...and then I saw it...Holga's newest in their line of simple cameras - the panoramic pinhole camera.

This camera is as basic as it gets. No viewfinder, no shutter (really), and no telling how you have exposed correctly or if anything at all is in focus. I. was. in. heaven. Just the anticipation to see how things would turn out was too good to pass up, so I purchased the camera and on I went!

My good friend Bill, with Richard Photo Lab, gave me a call one night asking "Eliesa, what in the HECK did you do with this film?" Here are a few of the results...

0006556-R01-007.JPG0006556-R01-005.JPG 0006555-R02-003.JPG 0006555-R02-011.JPG 0006557-R01-006.JPG 0006557-R01-008.JPG 0006555-R02-010.JPG