Tax Time!

It's that time...again...the dreaded Tax Season! Each year, we SWEAR we have our act together and we are organized and then comes crunch time before we go see the FABULOUS people over at Fox Tax!

I haven't been blogging (or shooting) much, because we are focusing on some final business stuff before the beginning of the wedding season!

I've been designing new marketing and packaging materials while Judd has been working on the books, Liz has been doing the final stages of her training and Cadence has been organizing our new hard drive system and backing everything up...we have been total home bodies here at the Photogen Inc Studio!

0001Taxblog.jpg0002Taxblog.jpg 0003Taxblog.jpg

Check out the new...and serious...hard drive system!


We updated the studio gallery with some new art!


And got some new toys for the upcoming season...:0)


Our FAN wall is filling up!


And now my fun is over and back to taxes....
 0008Taxblog.jpg Thanks for humoring me...