An Update from Mexico!

Hello friends, family and blog-stalkers!Just a quick little update from Mexico! B-Funk and I are down here shooting a wedding (and YES - the weather is BEAUTIFUL by the way! ;0) and we are having a fabulous time! For anyone who has called my phone the past few days, I can only receive text messages and e-mails, so if you need me - go that route!
IMG_0752.jpg So, on our second day here, we ventured out with the clients around La Isla Mujeres via golf cart! We ended up getting a SWEET personal tour by this dude who created an island by using recyclable materials (like plastic bottles, trash, etc) to basically create a renewable island! It's really pretty sweet! This is his second island - the first one he lived on for 7 years before it was destroyed by a hurricane! It's really pretty amazing!

 IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0773.jpg IMG_0775.jpg IMG_0791.jpg IMG_0817.jpg

Shooting a wedding on this island was absolutely AMAZING! Brandon and I decided to do some time-lapse shit later on in the night and this is what turned out!

 _MG_0383.jpg _MG_0385.jpg
I have also been shooting a TON of film these past couple weeks!
I'm soooo excited to see what I've got!