How It Works 

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot for your restaurant, simply e-mail me:

From there, we will discuss your needs and determine what collection is best for you. We will then set up a time for your initial meeting, which will include going over the creative direction of your brand, talk about the process and get your contract signed. 

We do require all clients to invest in the Catalog Collection. This is essential, because it gives us an in-depth look at your brand, your needs for imagery and to determine your style and direction. It also gives us a strong base to begin working with and is the foundation for your experience with us. 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help clarify our process:


Q. Do I have to invest in a Catalog Collection?

A. Yes. This photoshoot is essential for our entire service to be successful. We need a baseline to start off of, as well as solidify the creative direction and vision of your photographs that suit your brand and your restaurant. We do require every client to invest in the Catalog shoot, which is $5750.00. 


Q. How many images are delivered in the Catalog Shoot?

A. About 100 - 200 final images are sent to you! This includes high res, fully edited photographs that include Stylized food shots, Portraits, Process and Interior / exterior shots of the restaurant. 


Q. Is the Ongoing Content collections a month-to-month service or how long am I signing up for?

A. We require our clients to sign on for 6 month contracts with us. This means that for six months, you will receive three, one hour photo shoots per month, with fresh new imagery to share! Each contract will be renewed at 6 months. 


Q. How many images are delivered each month with the content collections?

A. Every week, we will deliver between 3 - 5 images. That means that each month you will have 9 - 15 new images to share! We recommend about 3 social posts per week. 


Q. Am I restricted to only using these images on social media?

A. No. We also can deliver the high res images, which are great for any print needs, including press. Ultimately, we are building up a continued catalog of images for you to access as you have press requests, update your website or promote upcoming events. 


Q. How are my images delivered?

A. The Catalog of images will be delivered online, with a link to download your entire shoot. the monthly shoots are delivered straight to your phone, with a handy app we use! It's super slick and you are able to download images to post right from your phone!