Imagery used on the hi lo diner website 

Imagery used on the hi lo diner website 

The Hi Lo Diner hired us to create a catalog of images for their restaurant, just as it was brand new and opening. They needed a base of content to use for their website, Instagram feed and facebook page.  Hi Lo simply took the catalog of images we created and used them on their own in a big way. 

It was important that the focus for us, especially in the beginning, was not about the food/drinks but about the way we wanted to portray how it felt to be at the diner. Eliesa is amazing at capturing people’s emotions. We continue to incorporate the images on social and the website and our colleagues are constantly complimenting the quality. Everything is super professional looking, but also very approachable.
— Rebekah Cook, Marketing Director of Hi Lo Diner


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We began our relationship with Heyday through various magazine jobs and was invited back to Heyday when the restaurant needed to update their catalog of images for their personal use. This continued into creating photographs for their social media accounts and continued content. Heyday uses the Content collection and has our team come in three times per month for one hour photo shoots. Their staff simply downloads their images from our handy app and posts to their social accounts as needed. 

The pictures from your catalog have helped us dial in what our mission statement for photographs are. In the past, it was too random and not defined. Now, each picture says something to the viewer versus a scattered array.

Having you come once a week is great because we get to present items to you that are relevant to the restaurant right NOW versus waiting too long and then the impression to the guest is too late.
— Jim Christiansen, Chef of Heyday

The Salty Tart

Imagery used on The Salty Tart Website

Imagery used on The Salty Tart Website

The Salty Tart utilizes the All Inclusive collection. Three times each month, our team comes into the Salty Tart Bakery to capture all of the happenings in the bakery, as well as bringing in goods to our studio to style and photograph. The aesthetic of Salty Tart is white, clean, fresh and bright.  In addition to styling shoots for the bakery every week, we also take care of curating their Instagram feed, suggest captions and post for the company.  Michelle and her Team collaborate with us through our hand app and approve everything before it goes out each week! 

— Michelle Gayer, Owner and Chef of The Salty Tart