Fire & Flour x Bodega


This summer I collaborated with Bodega Ltd. to create imagery for one of their clients, Fire and Flour! This company created local, community based artisan bread that is super gorgeous. The goal was to create really moody imagery - we played with flour, shut off all of the lights and made some magic happen! I absolutely love working with the crew at Bodega and seeing the projects come to life! Real happy with how this turned out! Below are some of my favorite images from the shoot!



I have a confession to make. Before shooting the band Low, I didn't really know a lot about them. I had heard a few of their songs on the current, but I didn't realize the great impact they have made on our music community until photographing them. I'm super grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with the band, but it has also been really inspiring to see their fans and followers share their love and excitement over the music and see just how much they connect with Low.

This shoot was for MAGNET Magazine, which is based on the East coast and they were absolutely lovely to work with! We traveled up to the band's hometown of Duluth and incorporated a lot of scenery - everything from some urban texture to the serenity of Lake Superior to Fire. We have to give props to Sparhawk for the fire, that was all his idea! Below are images from the shoot, as well as some fun behind the scenes from the day! Be sure to check out more from MAGNET and order your copy here!


Trout // A Test Shoot

I've always believed that test shoots are incredibly important and a good reason to explore ideas and techniques that are in the back of my head. I teamed up with Iglika Petrova of the Sprig of Thyme blog for this shoot and I love how some of these images turned out!

The concept was incredibly simple and we wanted to focus around one key player, which ended up being trout. It's such a pretty fish and the goal with all of this was to create some really pretty images, that are a bit darker in nature, while working with a fresh ingredient. Our trout was sourced locally so it could be as fresh as possible and we also played around with smoked trout as well!

What I love about this shoot is that it was all photographed on my little coffee table in my little living room. Our only prep space was my kitchen and it really is all about the light and styling! It was great to create a little something outside of client constraints and I am super pleased. Check out the best images below + some behind the scenes!


MSP Home // Lyons' Den

Photographing feature stories for Mpls / St. Paul Home Magazine has been so much fun! These projects bring me into spaces that are beyond amazing and I always walk away a bit inspired by people's style! The March issue featured the home of Anna and Chris Lyon, who are an active part of the Minneapolis community. This shoot also landed the cover of the issue and I am so happy with the way the article turned out!

Zeus Jones // 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape

A new campaign for 3m's Scotch blue painters tape has launched and I am super happy to be a part of this project. I worked with an extremely talented crew from zeus jones, capture film co. and lulu painting to bring some inspiration to those embarking on DIY home painting. The main goal of this project was to show how easy and approachable it is to pattern your own designs in home, while leaving the viewers with some great ideas and tips on how to technically make a project like this efficient and easy.

Capture Film Co. made some incredible videos and my job was to take some step-by-step photos to, you know, make instructions 'cool' and show the process in a way that is easy to follow.  Our team spent 3 days on location actually making, painting and creating all of these patterns and we had such a great time! the 3M website is currently featuring the videos + photos as part of their 2016 pattern forecast.

I know I say this all of the time, but a major part of what I love about my job is collaborating with other creatives. This crew was just one of the best and I'm so grateful to be a part of it!

Best New Chef // Food & Wine Magazine


The July issue of Food & Wine just hit the news stands and I am THRILLED to be a part of not one - but two! - features in this issue! The first is the exciting news of Chef Jim Christiansen being named one of the Best New Chefs of 2015! Jim is one of 10 amazing chefs from around the country to receive this honor and I couldn't be happier from him! I've had the pleasure of photographing Jim + the entire crew at his restaurant Heyday over the years and it has been so cool to see all of their growth and also how much of a team effort they all give!

For this story, we photographed the "Trend Setting Dishes" and I just love how it all turned out! Of course, we pulled this off with our own amazing crew - a big thank you to Liz Gardner for food styling and to Melissa Hesse for assisting this day! Food & Wine has been on my dream list for a long time and I am incredibly proud to begin this relationship with them! Make sure to check out the full July issue of Food & Wine to check out the full spread + see who all the Best New Chefs are! We'll be sharing more images from this shoot later this summer, but in the mean time, here are some behind-the-scene photos, too!



Because some mornings you wake up and you just HAVE to make something. A quick trip to the farmers market was in order - and I was on a mission to find the prettiest colors and shapes that I could for the day. These are all so simple, but I'm pretty happy to have created today.

Food + Color // Test Shoot

I have always believed in test shoots. They are a way to collaborate and try our ideas, new ways of shooting and if we're lucky, a little portfolio building. I've been shooting a lot of food the last couple of years and they are some of my favorite assignments. I seem to connect with food and the culture around it so naturally, but I wanted to create a little something out of the box and new. I've had the idea of mono-chromatic food in my head for a while now. Like, what if we made food poster art? What if we photographed food in a modern, minimalist, graphic way?

I gathered some of my most talented friends and colleagues, Chef Jon Wipfli of The Minnesota Spoon, Creative Director Liz Gardner and my Editor Liz Hardt to join me and we simply had an afternoon of creating. It was fun, it was chill and I love the way these images turned out! Everyone gave their time and talents to this idea, and I am very grateful for that! Personally, test shoots like this fuel my creativity and make my work stronger and I think shoots like this are so necessary as artists. Check out the little series of Food + Color below, along with the behind-the-scene photos!